Mycotoxicology Newsletter

July 2003   Volume VII, No. 1


The Final Program for the Mycotoxins in Food Production Systems conference included the following four sessions: (1) Advances in Techniques for Detecting Mycotoxins/Mycotoxigenic Strains, (2) Prevention Strategies for Mycotoxins in Grain, (3) Post-harvest Aspects of Prevention of Mycotoxin Contamination, and (4) Modeling and Predicting Mycotoxin Production Occurrence. The keynote speeches addressed regulatory issues; ochratoxin prevention strategies for grains; post-harvest ecology and control of mycotoxins; and the effects of growth stage and temperature on Fusarium in maize ears. The conference was held at the University of Bath — UK, June 25-27, 2003. The complete Final Program is available at the following website: