Mycotoxicology Newsletter

July 2003   Volume VII, No. 1


The Second World Mycotoxin Forum in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, February 17-18, 2003, featured four sessions: (1) Prevention and Control stressed the importance of an integrated approach to mycotoxin prevention, including biocontrols; breeding resistant hybrids such as Bt corn; and HACCP systems. (2) Specific Food Issues investigated the effects of the EU food regulations on international trade. The topics explored included the need to harmonize import policies at all points of entry; the risk of contamination in certain foods such as apple juice, cereals, and spices; and how to ensure safer wine and organic vegetables. (3) Sampling and Analysis discussed the need for improved testing methods as well as the importance of standardizing sampling procedures, using certified reference materials, and establishing uncertainty.The session also focused on major advances in using new highly sensitive assays for detecting multiple mycotoxins to determine how effectively various adsorbent compounds reduce intestinal absorption ofmycotoxins. (4) Specific Feed Issues reviewed the issues surrounding DON- and aflatoxin-contaminated cereals, as well as those involved in pet food safety and the addition of mycotoxin-binding adsorbents to feed.