Mycotoxicology Newsletter

July 2003   Volume VII, No. 1


In response to the rising demand for faster, more accurate and precise ways to determine the potentially lethal type-A trichothecene (T-2 toxin) in cereals, researchers at the Institute of Sciences of Food Production in Bari, Italy, tested the effectiveness of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) used with commercially available products for fluorescent labeling and sample cleanup.An easily performed method has been developed that shows superior sensitivity, selectivity, and repeatability of T-2 toxin measurements when compared to other methods.Recoveries were higher than 80% and the limit of detection was 0.005 µg/kg. Sample extracts were purified by T-2-TAG immunoaffinity columns from VICAM .The fluorescent labeling reagent 1-anthroylnitrile was used to make the toxin detectable by HPLC. The method has been published in Journal of Chromatography A 989, 257-264, 2003, and is available online at the following website: