Mycotoxicology Newsletter

August 1998   Volume IV, No.2


J. David Miller of Canada's Carleton University was the winner of the George Scott Award of the 1997 TOXICOLOGY FORUM, in Aspen, Colorado, in recognition of his extensive and excellent research work on mycotoxins. The award honors those in the field of toxicology who have demonstrated an outstanding role in developing and applying the science of toxicology.

John Lacey passed away on May 16, 1998, after a long period of suffering from kidney cancer. As plant pathologist at Rothamsted Station, Harpenden, UK, for over 35 years, John carried out research in the fields of stored-product protection, fungi and mycotoxins, postharvest technological management, and aerobiology. John continued to work at home after his retirement in 1996. In addition, John served as President of the ISPP International Committee on Mycotoxicology for ten years (1983-1993), during which he provided a remarkable contribution to the development of research activities in several laboratories of developing countries. John's memory remains alive in all of us, colleagues, collaborators, followers and friends spread worldwide, along with his scientific contribution to plant pathology, mycotoxicology and aerobiology.